Jessica Gilliland


Born, raised and thriving in the Bay Area! When I'm not working as a 911 dispatcher, I like to travel as much as I can with friends, and my amazing little family.

I've been a storyteller since I learned to talk. I spent my early years writing and illustrating children's stories, but they've always had a little edge to them. My interests morphed into film in high school. I began writing screenplays and making short films. I devoured anything paranormal, dark and different. 

I graduated college with a Bachelor's degree in Animation and Visual Effects, so my roots are deep in cinema and art. When I graduated from college, I realized that the things I really wanted out of life would not come easily with the profession I'd chosen for myself, so I followed the money to the police department and put my creative career on hold.


As you can imagine, law enforcement doesn't exactly satisfy the artistic soul and I was far from being able to produce films. So, I started writing again. I decided to turn my screenplays into novels and I still dabble in animation and digital art when inspiration strikes.

I will be the first one to admit that my stories are not great works of literature with flowery prose and sweeping descriptions. They are fast-paced, easy reads for a weekend getaway or a quick escape after a long shift. My favorite stories to write are urban fantasies with complicated relationships and dark twists, but I am a fan of happy endings and I like a little comedy with my drama.


I'm going to continue to write the kind of stories I want to read. I hope you enjoy them too. 

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